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What You Need to Know about Couples Therapy

What are the reasons couples come to therapy? “He had imagined that in marriage he and Nancy would cleave to each other and become one – in some vague biblical sense of the word – whereas he was constantly aware of the difference between them and she frequently unbalanced him when he had expected – …

Couples Therapy


“Compatibility is an achievement of love, it isn’t its precondition. The person who is right isn’t the person who agrees with every aspect of our character. It’s someone who negotiates the differences between two people in a particular way, with a particular generosity and humour.” Alain de Botton I wanted to share with you some …

Mindfulness at Work


It is hard to escape the mindfulness revolution. It has been featured on the cover of Time magazine, included as a part of Harvard Business School’s leadership programmes, companies like Google, Apple and General Mills have developed their own in house Mindfulness programmes and it was announced recently that it is now being introduced as …

Mindfulness Talk Podcast


If you would like to hear the Mindfulness talk I gave for Cork Skeptics you can listen by pressing the play button below:    

Mindfulness Talk – Friday 21st November 2014


Are you curious about mindfulness? I am giving a free talk with Cork Skeptics on Friday 21st November at 8pm in Blackrock Castle. Mindfulness is growing in popularity as a way of improving mental health, coping with pain, reducing stress and now is even being introduced into the Junior Cert cycle. From the cover of Time …



No place to call home in this long weary journey. The luggage gets heavier the longer it is carried. Sometimes it needs to be dragged Sometimes it needs to be put down for a while But it always needs to be picked back up feeling heavier than when it was last relieved of its weight. …

Thoughts on suicide


This past week I heard of two people who commited suicide. I didn’t as such know either of them directly however both had a place in the outskirts of my life. Both deaths impacted me. I feel a sense of deep sadness that both people reached such a hopeless place of despair that death seemed …

When it hurts


“I have learned now that while those who speak about one’s miseries usually hurt, those who keep silence hurt more.” ~ C.S. Lewis Emotional pain hurts. It’s a dull ache, a tight knot, a throbbing that no pill can ease. It takes the joy out of life and makes it hard to believe there is …

Hopes and fears


“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears” – Nelson Mandela Have you ever considered how much fear influences the decisions you make in your life? Fear gives us information that is intended to keep us safe. And it does a lot of the time, for example not putting our hand into the lions …

What makes us feel alive?


“I did it for me,I liked it, I was good at it and I was alive” This clip is from the final episode of Breaking Bad where Walt discloses what it meant for him to actually start to live after learning that he was dying. In Walt’s case he gave up being a struggling chemistry …