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Counselling can help you find relief from emotional pain. You may be struggling to cope with feelings of depression, anxiety, stress or unease.

These feelings may be triggered by a significant life event such as a bereavement, illness, relationship breakup, work stress or trauma. They may relate to a life transition such as starting college, moving location or retiring. Often you may not be able to identify any clear cause for your sadness or anxiety, however it may be making your life seem more like an endurance test rather than a journey of possibilities.

Often people come to counselling with the following questions and statements:

Why do I feel this way?
I just can’t move on.
I can’t cope.
There is something missing from my life.
Am I normal?
Why can’t I get out of this vicious cycle?
No one can understand.
I feel so alone.
What’s the point?

Counselling can help you work through these questions and difficulties.

How does Counselling help?

There is always a reason behind your unhappy thoughts and feelings. Counselling helps you find the source of your pain and works with you to resolve it.

Counselling helps by giving you a space where you can talk openly and confidentially about what is troubling you. You will not be judged in any way and your concerns will be talked through and explored respectfully.

Counselling enables you to explore your troubles and difficulties and allows you to be more in tune with yourself. It helps you work out who you are and what you want from your life. It will give you a new perspective and uncover new ways of coping and of living a more fulfilled life.

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