Early Relationship Therapy

New Relationships

Are you in a new relationship or in the early years of your partnership? I am offering therapy sessions for both new relationships and for those relationships that are in the first few years.

For new relationships I can help you be prepared for the challenges that will inevitably arise in relationship. A good relationship is not one that has no issues but one where the couple have a healthy way of navigating the challenges that will arise. By being prepared for these you can progress in the relationship not thinking “I hope things will continue to do well” but with the mindset that you will be able to handle issues as they arise. This brings a comfort and security into the relationship as it emerges. 

After years of working with couples I can tell what issues are likely to arise for you and how you are going to most likely to try to deal with these issues. I will do this by a questionnaire and meeting with you both together and individually. So, this is a process that isn’t generalised to all relationships but specifically exploring your unique emerging relationship.

At the end of the process you will understand yourself more in relationship, you will understand your partner more and you will be armed with tools and approaches to help you have a positive, loving relationship.

Early Established Relationships

For those of you in the early years of relationship it is likely at this stage that you are aware of the areas that are more challenging for you both to navigate. They may not be significant at this stage but more like a niggle that comes up from time to time. You might be thinking the relationship would be great if it were not for……. The issues may be around commitment, different expectations about social life/holidays, family impact, sex, finances, moods etc. 

Often at this stage couples may think that these things will just work themselves out and might even proceed to get engaged or married while not having a satisfactory resolution to the difficulties. 

Alternatively, the issues may be very challenging leading you to wonder whether to stay in the relationship or not. At times the relationship being wonderful and at times feeling like you are at war with each other. 

I have worked with many couples who come into therapy as a last-ditch attempt to save the relationship after between 10 and 20 years of being unhappy and unsuccessful in being able to resolve the difficulties. 

There are good reasons why couples find it hard to navigate issues on their own, a neutral therapist can help you both understand the issues in your relationship and what each of you can do to work through these. 

Next Steps

If you would like to make an appointment with me please email me at mail@karenmurphy.ie.

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